Thieab Aldossary


“As a passionate Entrepreneur I am always in search of building creative solutions to many of life’s problems. Also to enable others develop and create their own impactful solutions through design, IP, fund raising and management”

Thieab Aldossary is a qualified Design Engineer with experience ranging from project management to IP consulting in the field. He has worked with a number of clients from small companies, government agencies, IP law firms and educational institutions. He is also a co-founder of technology based start ups and practices mentorship for inventors.

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Current Projects

Feelix Technologies create haptic wearable communication devices. They are based on an open platform enabling developers to connect various applications and communicate haptically enabling users to have more freedom of movement while receiving information from their digital devices
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URWYZ is a retail outlet recommendation website and application that helps shoppers connect and discover new shops and clothing items based on the users preferred styles and items they would like to find. The system will filter retail outlets out on a map to introduce them to and where they can find them.
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The Inventor Academy is an education and mentorship program for inventors looking to develop, protect and launch their tech ideas. It covers areas of idea creation, R&D, Intellectual property & fund raising for early stage projects.
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Having been involved in the tech space for more than 15 years Thieab Aldossary has formed extensive knowledge of creating and producing novel technologies, from design and R&D to IP and commercialisation. LPDS consults clients on matters of product creation and delivery.
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