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Feelix Technologies create haptic wearable communication

Feelix Technologies

Feelix Technologies create tactile communication devices that enables users to receive haptic messages from software applications. It is an open platform communication enabling multiple applications to connect and communicate information tactilely. It enables users to receive information in the form of haptic patterns while they are in motion without the need to see it or hear it reducing restriction and in many cases increasing safety.

The Feelix technology is unique as it is built on its own patented technology and communicates rapidly on multiple localised points using electro tactile pads. This enables a wide array of messages to be communicated unlike the common vibration based devices that only communicate basic feedback and not actual information.

There are currently two products being developed, The Feelix Arm and the Feelix Palm. These two products are used to communicate different information to users in different circumstances.

  • The Arm is more for when users are active and are less able to view information on their screens or for users that simply would prefer an alternative communication method to enable more freedom for their activities.
  • The Palm device focuses more communicating the haptic messages to the palm of the hand with developments to extend to the finger tips currently being designed. A major application for this product is in the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality. A
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The project has participated in competitions and has earnt awards for it’s novel solution.

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